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Fire Serve Product Offering

Fire Serve Product Offering

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Services and Solutions

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About Us

Fire Serve is an established participant in the Smoke and Fire industry. Since inception, Fire Serve has progressed rapidly, immediately acquiring the rights to represent BLE Smoke and Fire Curtains in the Southern African market. We are proud to be associated with BLE, a world leading manufacturer and supplier of EN compliant smoke and fire curtains.


Apart from the vast experience of the BLE team, Fire Serve brings 43 years of dedicated local experience in the design and supply of compliant rational Smoke and Fire designs. Providing the requisite level of compliance and safety in the ventilation industry. The unique challenges the industry presents are well served by 87 years of supply chain and construction industry experience in our team.


Fire Serve have re-established their relationship with COLT, founded in 1931, allowing access to the vast range of Colt’s innovative and unique environmentally friendly products tailored for your smoke control and risk management needs. This allows Fire Serve to translate 108 years of product development to your doorstep in Southern Africa.


The market has long required an independent supplier of innovative yet compliant smoke and fire engineering products and services, not tied to any specific manufacturer and installation supplier.


This independence would allow each industry stakeholder equal opportunity to access products, services and technical expertise leading to more informed decision making; Fire Serve is that supplier.


Fire Serve provide a CFD modelling service to evaluate the performance of your design, providing flow patterns, dead spot identification, average age of air in the fire zone, velocity vectors, smoke temperature and fresh air pathways. This allows the designer to prove the functionality of their design.


We actively participate in, SAIRAC (South African institution of Refrigeration and Air conditioning), ALSA, (Association of Life Safety Assessors) and SAIMechE (The South African Institution of Mechanical Engineers). Fire Serve are actively reinvesting through sharing knowledge in industry specific presentations related to smoke ventilation systems.


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